Menu items are subject to seasonal change. Our close relationships with our local farmers allow us to serve foods according to the season.
To download a PDF of our current menu, click here.

Served Tues – Sat:

Blended Fruit Smoothies
Wow Cacao: apple-banana, blueberries, cacao, nut milk
The Chronic: apple-banana, hemp seeds, hemp protein, tahini, nut milk, honey
Amazing Acai: acai, apple-banana, maca, nut milk
*add superfoods: maca, cacao, hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, bee pollen, flax seeds, spirulina

Blended Veggie Juices
Green Gandhi: romaine lettuce, cucumber, apple, kale, ginger, lemon
Beet Fantasy: beet, celery, panini (prickly pear), banana, nut milk

Organic Green Tea Coconut Chai

Dosha Curries
Vata Curry: coconut curry with vata spices, seasonal veggies, quinoa & bus-made chutney
Pitta Curry: coconut curry with pitta spices, seasonal veggies, brown rice & bus-made chutney
Kapha Curry: Kashmir-influenced curry with kapha spices, seasonal veggies, quinoa & bus-made chutney
*Add tandori-marinated tempeh skewer

“BIG MAC”robiotic Burgers
The Original Teriyaki (served with pickled jalapeno-miso-coleslaw)
Caramelized Onion Mole (served with pickled jalapeno-miso-coleslaw)

Kale Seaweed Salad: kale & seaweed, with umeboshi plum dressing sprinkled with bus-made gomasio

Soup of the Day: served with quinoa or brown rice

2 Tempeh Skewers with Tandori Marinade: served with chutney and sauteed garlic kale
Garlic Eda”bomb”e: edamame sauteed in coconut oil, spices and garlic
Edamole: edamame-avocado guacamole, served with gluten-free chips

Raw Mousse: see Specials Board
Raw Pie: see Specials Board