Cafe Prana Nui is Jason Skandunas and Jessica Quinn.

Jason is a professional chef who has been working in restaurants for over 20 years. He graduated from California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and has attended cooking schools in both Bali and Thailand. Jason is one of the few Americans to work aboard the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship. His philosophy of cooking is based off the idea that food weaves souls together to match their environment and higher consciousness. He is currently working on his book, “Tapestry of Taste”, that will exemplify his philosophy. He is also overseeing the development of the team’s second Maui location, Walafel.com in Kahului. Click here to email Jason.

Jessica is a Certified Nutritional Therapist & owner of Be Nutritious, LLC. Through her lectures and cooking demonstrations, clients gain knowledge and retain her privately to advance their process with services that encompass personal nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplement regimes, cleanses, and kitchen makeovers. She lives with the intention to inspire others to seek their own balanced lifestyle in order to achieve their desired happiness and health. Click here to email Jessica.